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Spirit is published three times per year by the Texas A&M Foundation, which manages major gifts and endowments for the benefit of academic programs, scholarships and student activities at Texas A&M University.

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12 Things to Know About the Yell Leaders

A compilation of facts about one of the most unique traditions in college athletics.

The Rescuers

Through mock scenarios, Texas A&M’s Disaster Day prepares students across health professions to practice collaboratively and respond to emergency situations.


Animation Wizard

Meet Kirk Kelley ’82, the creative mastermind behind famous commercials for brands like M&M’s and Chipotle.

Innovation Central

Texas A&M’s new I-School is an interdisciplinary hub for students to collaborate and problem-solve.

Good Reads

5 books you won't want to miss.

The Brainiac

A Q&A with Dr. Steve Maren, leader of the new Brain Science Initiative at Texas A&M.

Dr. Luke Lyons ’08 ’18 constructs a LEGO replica of the Academic Building.

The Legacy:

Home on the Range

A gift of Hill Country property from Kay and Charles “Charlie” Pence ’51 will support Texas A&M programs close to their hearts.