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Health Care Heroes

Texas A&M College of Nursing graduates are improving Texans’ welfare through their care, compassion and courage.

Food as Medicine

Dr. Patrick Stover is spearheading a new Texas A&M AgriLife institute that seeks to transform the future of America’s food system.

Keeping the Spirit

Meet the four recipients of the first Keepers of the Spirit Scholarship, a prestigious new program in the Corps of Cadets.

The Wheel Keeps Turning

After producing the hit show “Pawn Stars,” Brent Montgomery ’97 parlayed his unlikely success into a television empire. With his unconventional media and investing group Wheelhouse, he aims to take advantage of a rapidly shifting media landscape and turn the Hollywood business model on its head.

Lives of Service

The Texas A&M Foundation honors three outstanding couples with the 2021 Sterling C. Evans Medal.