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As part of the Student American Institute of Floral Designers at Texas A&M University, Emily Maldonado ’24 designs arrangements for many campus events.

What type of events do you create designs for?

We serve as floral designers for multiple university events, primarily for those the president, Board of Regents or chancellor hosts. The chancellor’s suite in Kyle Field is one of my favorite spaces to design for.

What makes a striking floral design?

Though organization and structure are important, the design must tell a story. A sympathy arrangement is much different than a “just because” arrangement, and strong floral designers make people feel something through their designs.

What interested you in floral design?

When I was younger, I always picked flowers outside my house and put them in a jar of water or let them dry out to save. In high school, I took a floral design class and realized it was a great outlet to relax and feel centered.

Do you have a favorite flower?

I love the double stargazer lily. It’s my mom’s favorite, so I always try to incorporate it into my designs.

What is the most rewarding aspect of this organization?

Seeing our members find confidence and creativity by creating art with flowers is always fulfilling. Some students join the organization unsure of their abilities but leave making some of the most beautiful pieces.

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