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As a high school freshman, Jada Greenidge ’26 helplessly watched her beloved older brother suffer convulsions from a drug overdose. “At that moment, I realized I needed to step up and become my own inspiration,” the La Porte, Texas, resident remembered. “I would be the deciding factor in how my future turned out.”

Fortunately, Greenidge had a strong role model in her mother, who has juggled caring for her children, working at Memorial Hermann and attending college as a single parent. “She’s been in school since I was in elementary school, and she graduated with a psychology degree last December,” Greenidge said proudly. “She’s always told us, ‘I really want you to go to college and not worry about working, going to school and having kids, because it’s hard.’”

Her mother’s commitment to furthering her own education also introduced the Aggie to what college is like. “I grew up loving math, and I think that mostly comes from my mom going back to college and having to do her basics,” Greenidge said. “Because I was so young, she couldn’t leave me at home, so she took me to her college classes. She’d give me a few math problems on a piece of paper, and then we’d talk to the professor at the end of class.”

When it came time for her own college journey, Greenidge—who grew up caring for dogs, cats, lizards and frogs—knew she wanted to attend Texas A&M and become a veterinarian. “I remember visiting the campus when I was 12 and thinking, ‘That’s where I’m going to go,’” she recounted.

Now, thanks to the Jon L. Hagler ’58 Foundation Excellence Award and other scholarships, her freshman-year expenses are covered, which allowed both mother and daughter to focus on their respective studies to fulfill their potential.

“My parents always told me, ‘Hard work beats talent every day,’” said Greenidge, who finished high school ranked sixth out of a graduating class of 435. “My scholarships allow me to completely focus on my studies so I can make my dreams of owning my own veterinary practice and traveling the world to help large animals come true. I’m very grateful for all the support.”

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