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At first glance, these euphoric underwater floral scenes could be mistaken for paintings, but this dreamy art came from two Aggies whose love for creating beautiful photos in freshwater matches their passion for keeping that water beautiful.

Ashley Rodriguez ’06 and Kimber Greenwood ’10 designed this English garden-inspired underwater scene to evoke conversation about freshwater preservation and the strength and grace of women.

For Florida residents Ashley Rodriguez ’06 and Kimber Greenwood ’10, it all started with a desire to find the next wild, creative idea for an ethereal experience. With more than 600 stems of fresh flowers, weeks of planning and $20,000 worth of camera equipment, the florist-photographer duo brought this underwater floral photo shoot fantasy to life.

Florida’s freshwater springs have fascinated Greenwood since she learned about them in the maritime program at Texas A&M University at Galveston. After graduating with a degree in marine biology, she moved to Gainesville, Florida, to see and advocate for the springs. She is a member of the Springs Council and promotes freshwater preservation through her luxury photography business, which captures couples and maternity clients underwater in the area’s surrounding springs.

A partnership blossomed after Greenwood met fellow Aggie and female entrepreneur Rodriguez during a photo shoot in 2020. Greenwood mentored Rodriguez as her floral business grew exponentially, and the pair soon began collaborating on underwater floral photo shoots. “We want our photos to convey the magic and beauty of freshwater to everyone,” Rodriguez said.

It wasn’t long before they caught the attention of national floral wholesaler Mayesh, which offered them the opportunity to create an editorial installation of their choosing. The two designed this English garden-inspired scene to evoke conversation about the strength and grace of women and water.

“Women can often be very critical of themselves, but when you’re modeling underwater, you’re only focused on your next breath,” Greenwood shared. “The beauty of the water is that it captures models in a raw, authentic way.”

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