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Born to Boogie

Since 1984, the Aggie Wranglers have torn up dance floors performing choreographed, high-speed polka and jitterbug routines. The student-run country and western dance group is comprised of eight male-female dance pairs who share a passion for dancing and Texas A&M.

With the support of private donations and sponsorships, the Aggie Wranglers entertain audiences at no charge during special events across Texas, the U.S. and the world. The elite group even performed in the Middle East for the opening of Texas A&M University at Qatar in 2003 and in Washington, D.C., for former President George H.W. Bush in 2005.

To be an Aggie Wrangler, students must be able to perform five specific high-flying, death-defying flips, spins and twirls. Beyond that, pairs perform select moves and sometimes even invent new ones. Members hang their hats on five core values: integrity, respect, humility, commitment and partnership.

The group teaches about 2,000 students, faculty, staff and community members how to polka, two-step, waltz and jitterbug through dance lessons offered each semester at the Memorial Student Center, Expressions Dance and Music Studio, and College Station’s popular dance hall, Hurricane Harry’s.

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