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Why have you focused on supporting student veterans?

We like what Texas A&M University stands for, and it should be at the pinnacle of helping veterans because of its history as a military school. Both of our fathers were military pilots, but we feel like veterans today aren’t honored for their service as much as our dads were. We want to recognize these veterans as much as possible in every way we can.

Driven by their fathers’ military legacies and a desire to give back, Dr. Phylis and Steve Canion ’76 are steadfast in their commitment to honor and support student veterans at Texas A&M University.

How have matching programs supported your philanthropy?

Steve’s company, EOG Resources, will match up to $250,000 annually to qualified charities. In 2022, we created four scholarship endowments, supported two leadership programs for student veterans and gave to the center’s excellence fund. Now, we’re giving to VET+MAP, a program in the center that helps student veterans identify their strengths as they enter the civilian workforce.

We’ve personally contributed $150,000 in total, but Texas A&M has received $300,000 due to EOG matching funds. It’s been a simple process for us that makes a substantial difference for Texas A&M, and we plan to continue utilizing matching funds as long as Steve works for EOG.

What’s the benefit of giving to the Texas A&M Foundation?

We appreciate knowing that our money goes directly to our purpose of choice—benefiting veterans, and one of the biggest rewards of donating is hearing from veterans who appreciate what we’ve done.

Tapping a company’s matching gift program is a popular choice for donors because it doubles, triples or, in some cases, quadruples the initial gift without reducing personal assets. Many companies offer matching programs to current staff, retirees and late employees’ partners so that their personal tax-deductible donations go further in helping their chosen charity. Click the button below to access our “Double the Donation” tool and discover whether your company has a matching program.

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  • David Bacot '90

  • Senior Director of Development
  • Division of Student Affairs
  • Call: 979.845.3161

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Foster student veteran success on campus with a gift to the Veteran Resource and Support Center.