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Kylie Denton ’23 is president of the Aggie Magic Circle.

What tricks do you perform? 

I was in a circus for a few years, so my performances often include a lot of juggling. I also love to do up-close card tricks. My favorite trick is called three-card monte. In simple terms, it involves mixing three playing cards face down and having someone guess which card is the odd one out.  

What prompted your interest in magic? 

My brother grew up doing magic, so I always admired magic performances from afar. I accidentally went to an Aggie Magic Circle informational thinking it was a magic show, and after meeting a few friends, I decided it would be a great way to learn how to do magic and destress from school. 

Where do you perform?  

Our biggest performance is our annual show in April, but we regularly appear at events around Bryan-College Station. Last semester, Aggie Magic Circle performed for the Chi Omega sorority, the Seniors Experiencing Aggie Life Conference and a charity event for a child’s medical costs.   

What do you enjoy most about Aggie Magic Circle? 

It’s the people. At our meetings, we perform and teach tricks to each other, but what I love most is the community that performing magic creates between all of us.  

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