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20s and 30s: Business Boulevard 

Events like establishing your career, starting a family and buying your first house are top priorities. Though you want to give back, you may not have the resources today.  


Including a gift to the Texas A&M Foundation in your will is one of the easiest ways to impact Aggieland. You can maintain full use of your assets during your lifetime and make a difference without draining your bank account. 

Beneficiary Designation Gift

Naming the Foundation as the beneficiary of your retirement account or life insurance policy allows you to pledge future support to Texas A&M while still utilizing your accounts. With this flexible option, you can update your policy later if your situation changes. 

40s and 50s: Family Freeway 

Family finances take center stage as you begin saving for expenses like college or care for aging parents, all while preparing for your own retirement. Bequests and beneficiary designation gifts are still great options, but another method can also help you support your Aggie passions while continuing to meet your family’s needs. 

Appreciated Securities

By giving appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual funds, you can invest in Aggieland’s future, avoid capital gains taxes and save your other resources for important expenses. Securities can fund many types of planned gifts that present their own benefits.  

60s and 70s: Retirement Road  

Your attention turns to making the most of your finances by creating a steady income stream and reducing taxes. You may also be considering how to utilize resources inherited from your parents or other relatives.  

Charitable Remainder Trust

Created with a gift of cash, securities or real estate, this trust provides tax benefits and annually pays you a fixed percentage of its value to provide revenue throughout your retirement. After your life, the remainder supports Texas A&M however you wish.  

Real Estate

Giving an inherited or investment property to the Foundation is an impactful way to benefit Texas A&M. Different methods exist, each with its own tax advantages. 

Charitable Gift Annuity

In return for a gift of cash or appreciated assets, you receive tax benefits and annual fixed payments for life. After your life, the remainder supports your Aggie passions. The greater your age when you start receiving payments, the larger each distribution will be, so creating a deferred gift annuity that begins payouts in the future is a smart way to plan for your later retirement years. 

80s and 90s: Legacy Lane 

Having a steady income stream to make the most of your continued retirement remains a primary goal. You also want to ensure your heirs will be provided for and find yourself thinking more about the legacy you’ll leave behind.  

IRA Charitable Rollover

Making a gift directly from your IRA to the Foundation helps you avoid additional income taxes by counting toward your yearly required minimum distribution.  

"Give It Twice" Trust

Formally called a testamentary charitable remainder unitrust, this method allows you to designate children or other beneficiaries in your will to receive annual payments for a set period after your lifetime. The remainder of the trust then expands your legacy by supporting a Texas A&M area of your choice. 

Ready to explore the best planned giving option for your situation? Contact Kevin Westerman ’11, assistant vice president of planned giving, at the bottom of this page.

  • Kevin Westerman '11

  • Assistant Vice President for Planned Giving
  • Office of Planned Giving
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