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Becky and Joe Horlen ’73 created an endowment to support the university's Ranch Horse Team. The couple is passionate about encouraging students to be part of the Aggie experience.

What is the Ranch Horse Team?

As part of the Department of Animal Science, the Ranch Horse Team is dedicated to improving students’ horsemanship skills. Its members participate in collegiate stock horse shows and compete in trail, ranch pleasure, reining and working cow horse events.

Why did you choose to support the team?

When we went to competitions, we noticed that unlike most teams, Texas A&M University’s team wasn’t funded by the school. We felt there was a lack of knowledge about the Ranch Horse Team, and they needed funding.

We also believe that a quintessential part of the Aggie experience is the “other education.” Through student organizations, students learn skills they can’t learn in class. We understand how hard it is for student organizations to find supplemental funding, so we believe there is great value in giving to them.

What impact will your gift have?

We hope our gift will help fund any of the Ranch Horse Team’s needs, like travel and training fees. We also hope it will act as a catalyst for other Aggies to donate.

What giving advice do you have?

Creating a gift is simple. You just contact the Texas A&M Foundation or the department you want to support, and they’ll work with you to develop your gift. With so many different organizations, programs and colleges at Texas A&M, it’s easy to find a cause to support that aligns with your passions.

Like the Horlens, you can create a directed gift through the Texas A&M Foundation to benefit the campus area you’re passionate about, whether that be scholarships, research, student activities or college programs. Discover more about creating your customized gift through our Giving Academy.

Visit the Giving Academy

  • Jansen Merrill '18

  • Director of Development
  • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Call: 979.431.4148

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Support Texas A&M University's Ranch Horse Team.