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Pete Rathbone’s desire to foster a meaningful community among his scholars reflects his commitment to embracing the Aggie Spirit.

What inspires your support of Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band members?

When I arrived in College Station, I was told the band was the best outfit on campus. While the only thing we had in common was playing instruments, we became a brotherhood—a cohesive force and the pulse of Aggieland. Every time I hear the band march down Joe Routt Boulevard, I choke up. I’m immensely grateful to Texas A&M University for the experiences I had, and I want to pay it back.

Every football season, you treat your scholarship recipients and other cadets to a barbecue meal when you’re in town. What has that meant to you?

Texas A&M is full of traditions, and this is one of mine. In addition to my scholarship recipients, I invite cadets from Idaho because I was an out-of-state student too. I came to Texas A&M from Los Angeles and now live in Idaho, and I am thrilled to know there are a few Idahoans at my favorite place. I love finding out more about these students, from their majors and aspirations to the unforgettable experiences they’ve had in Aggieland. They are overachievers, and I enjoy seeing them grow throughout the years.

What do you hope to achieve by giving back?

I hope my scholarships help these students with any financial burden that tuition may place on them. Moreover, I hope my gifts give them more time to get the most out of Aggieland—to find their community and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Pete annually hosts a barbecue in College Station for his Aggie bandsmen scholarship recipients and cadets from Idaho, fostering community on campus.

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