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Miles Huffhines ’24 is no stranger to hard work and giving back to his community, and it shows in his accomplishments. As the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Student Council president and a former student worker in the Texas A&M University President’s Office, he has embraced new and challenging experiences in Aggieland. “It’s a pretty special thing to be here, and I wanted to make the most of my time.”

His passion for service shines in his participation in Run 4 Compassion, an event that raises funds for families of hospitalized loved ones, and Camp Roots, an organization that professionally develops young Brazilians, where he mentored high school students in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Adding further to his resume, he’s also involved in Aggies For Christ and intramural sports. So, how does he find time for it all?

“My scholarships have given me the freedom to pursue responsibility and grow as a student leader outside the classroom,” he said. As the holder of the Marion Graves AgriLife Scholarship, the Edward ’73 and Elaine Smith Scholarship given by the College of Agriculture Development Council, the Louis “Doss” ’39 and Mimi Buntin Endowed Scholarship, and the Lynn and Creed Ford III ’75 Endowed Scholarship, Huffhines has been exceptionally well-supported for being a well-rounded student.

Have you found what you’re passionate about at Texas A&M?

On a personal level, I’m passionate about my faith and pouring into youth. I’m an intern for the youth group at my church. I attend their class, make Bible lessons and try to be a positive light. This class is their safe space, and I try to cherish and protect that as much as I can by starting conversations, asking questions and making each person feel important. On a professional level, I’ve grown my passion for agriculture at Texas A&M. I was fortunate to have an internship with Cactus Feeders, a national beef and pork production company, where I witnessed what it takes to feed people across the country.

What campus experience gave you a fresh perspective?

Getting my Aggie Ring made me value my time here even more. We’ve all heard stories about meeting fellow Aggies in airports or different countries, but I didn’t understand until I got my ring. Whenever people approach you just because you’re wearing that piece of gold, it shows the Aggie Network’s prestige. Being an Aggie is so special; having the ring just makes that clearer.

What does selfless service mean to you?

Selfless service is truly what being an Aggie is all about. Our history as a military school makes service vital to who we are, and that identity inspires me to help others every day. My desire to serve is also rooted in my faith, but beyond that, I enjoy how service projects bring people together, make organizations more close-knit and help strangers bond over a shared passion. It’s so rewarding to perform some manual labor, sweat a little and have a meal together, knowing you made a difference.

What advice would you give your freshman self?

I would tell myself to say “yes!” to any opportunity presented. Sit by someone new every class, learn their name, major and hometown, and never ask anyone to do something you wouldn’t do yourself. Keep your faith first because God will carry you through difficult times. And sit back and enjoy learning what leadership is because it’s more than simply being in charge. My time serving in student organizations has taught me that being a leader is being a servant. It’s getting to know people, seeing where their interests lie and finding ways they can make a true impact. 

What are you most excited about for the future?

I’m excited to see where I end up, whether in College Station for graduate school, Dallas-Fort Worth or a different state. I don’t have it all figured out, but I dream of owning a business one day—a cattle feeding operation, maybe, or a commodity risk management firm. Wherever my path takes me, I know my experiences and lessons learned here at Texas A&M will come into play.

Scholarships help Aggies like Miles make the most of their time in Aggieland. Learn how your gift can assist College of Agriculture and Life Sciences’​ students by contacting Jennifer Ann Scasta ’​11, assistant vice president for development, at the bottom of this page.

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