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The Texas A&M Cybersecurity Club is an organization for Aggies interested in learning practical skills and knowledge in cybersecurity, regardless of major.

By uncovering a vulnerability in a cryptocurrency company’s software through a bug hunter program, Addison Crump ’21 earned a $200,000 award. A recent computer science graduate, he credits his achievement to one student organization: the Texas A&M University Cybersecurity Club. 

In an incredible act of generosity, Crump gave $150,000 of his earnings to create an endowment that will support the club’s members as they pursue professional development activities and cybersecurity certifications or attend conferences.

With the remaining $50,000, he hopes to fund a new Texas A&M course that will teach the same software testing techniques that helped him discover the software bug in a more formal classroom learning environment for students.  

As a high school computer science teacher in Spring, Texas, Crump’s gift is a testament to his passion for education and cybersecurity.

“When I received the money, I considered improving my life in the short term,” he shared, “but that option didn’t compare to helping cybersecurity education become available to as many students as possible. I learned the techniques I used to find the bug during my time in the club. The money was never mine; it belongs to the place that gave me a chance to become the cybersecurity professional I am today.” 

  • Reagan Chessher '96

  • Senior Director of Development
  • Division of Student Affairs
  • Call: 979.862.6415

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