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To ensure veterans’ legacies are never forgotten, faculty and students from Texas A&M University’s College of Engineering, Department of Geography and Department of History are partnering with the National Cemetery Administration’s Veterans Legacy Program to develop a digital national cemetery experience.

Through geographic information system-based applications, the team will create a digital map and allow the public to contribute memorials for veterans in Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio National Cemetery and Alexandria National Cemetery.

Additionally, biographical research by members of the Corps of Cadets will further establish the histories of veterans interred in those cemeteries and others across the country. This program will expand the depth of on-site visits and offer all Americans the chance to experience national cemeteries virtually.

“By transcending disciplinary boundaries between history, geosciences and engineering, we will preserve and make accessible the stories of American veterans’ great contributions to our freedoms, for all people to experience,” said Dr. Stacey Lyle, Texas A&M engineering and geosciences professor of practice, who leads the project.

Learn more about the project.

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