Brick by Brick

The College of Engineering’s Brick Campaign gives Aggies the opportunity to support engineering education and make a permanent mark on campus.

    Written by Alyssa Johnson ’20
  • Oct. 1, 2020
    3 min read

Hundreds of engraved, commemorative bricks line Texas A&M University’s Engineering Walk in front of the new Zachry Engineering Education Complex, each with unique stories and significant meaning to their owners. Together, the bricks support the future of Aggie engineering through the College of Engineering’s Brick Campaign. Proceeds from the sale of the bricks benefit the college’s excellence fund, which generates funds that allow the dean to respond to the college’s immediate needs. From supporting college initiatives and student scholarships to faculty research and facility improvements and maintenance, the excellence fund helps ensure continuous improvement for Texas A&M’s next generation of Aggie engineers. For $500, a brick can be customized with a personal message that pays tribute to a friend or loved one. Here are a few unique stories among some of the existing bricks.

A Family’s Love

After engineering student Marc Elizondo ’21 passed away in a tragic car accident in 2018, his family honored his memory with a set of commemorative bricks. “We saw the Brick Campaign as an opportunity to make Marc’s presence permanently felt at Zachry and on Texas A&M’s campus,” said his mother, Arleen Elizondo. His father, Louis Elizondo ’84, and brother, Jon Paul Elizondo ’16, also Aggie engineers, share a brick on each side of Marc’s. Louis’ brick displays a heart and “Marc Zac #433,” symbolic of the family’s love and study room No. 433 in the Zachry Complex, which is dedicated in Marc’s memory. The inscription on Marc’s brick, “Engineering 111,” honors Marc’s Engineering 111 class project group.

The Chamber of Secrets

Susan and Keith Lokey ’85 honored their son, Chris Lokey ’19, and his roommates with a commemorative brick inscribed, “Chamber of Secrets Southgate 2019.” As self-proclaimed Harry Potter aficionados, Chris and his friends adorned the front door of their college residence with a “Chamber of Secrets” decal. Their home became a popular gathering place for their Aggie peers, leading it to be nicknamed “the chamber of secrets” among friends. “They exemplified what it means to be Aggies and to give back through involvement,” Susan said. “It was important to recognize their hard work and dedication to Texas A&M.”

A Lesson in Leadership

To the Class of 1966’s Squadron 13, the late Louis “Lou” Zaeske Jr. ’64 was more than their first sergeant and commanding officer. He was their leader and mentor, teaching them what it meant to be an Aggie and Corps of Cadets member. “Lou was hard on us, but through it all, he taught patriotism, honor and camaraderie,” said Wayne Roesler ’66, a member of the Squadron 13 freshman class. “Our group really bonded with Lou, and we maintained our connection with him well after we graduated.” So, when Richard Burns ’62, a graduate of the College of Engineering and fellow squadron member, heard about the Brick Campaign, he coordinated with the group to purchase a commemorative brick in honor of their beloved friend. 

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